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picture of a brainbrainmassage.

It might only be 2% of your body mass, but the brain is the one that gets tickled when you're on the massage table and experience all those wonderful sensations. Or sensations that will be wonderful as soon as the therapist stops pressing on that *#%@&! painful knot on your rhomboid.

Well, we thought - time to work directly on the brain, stimulating it with some intersting facts and a drop of bubbly.

Welcome to brainmassage, a free event when we share the expertise of our community with you over a glass of wine.

Every now and then we'll rope in someone knowledgeable and get them to spill the beans to you. In most cases we'll talk about the body and the mind, sometimes about nutrition, sometimes about exercise and sometimes about Italian cooking, Tibetan singing bowls or leadership. Or even something else. If you have ideas, skills, thoughts you think you may want to share, please do get in touch. Just remember that our aim is to share ideas and expertise, not to provide a promotional platform ;)

Last brainmassage was on 26 October with the Baby Whisperer.

Talitha de Jager with sonTalitha de Jager is a Mum of two who found it hard to deal with colics and post-natal depression. Learning to massage her newborn babies was the answer.

That was 6 years ago. Today, several course later, she can speak about infant massage with the authority that comes from direct experience, and she spoke about it at brainmassage #3.

We knew we we're in for something special, so we filmed her presentation. Have a look for yourself, check out her video, then call us to book in one of her classes.

Remember, brainmassage is a free event; that there are free drinks and nibbles; and that on a couple of occasions we had a substantial lucky door prize... three additional good reasons to get your brain massaged.