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Pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy puts a lot of demands on a woman's body. It has to cope with the extra weight and it is normal for some muscle systems to react with pains and aches, especially in the legs and lower back, while the whole body can experience unusual tensions. Not to mention annoying body fluid retention.

Then there are the emotions brought about by the physical change... often resulting in a need for extra care or even just a bit of pampering.

Pregnancy massage differs in several key areas from standard remedial massage - also known as relaxation or Swedish massage - and that is why not every therapist is qualified to work on a pregnant woman. The paramount consideration is the safety of both the mother and the yet unborn baby: so there are areas which are not massaged.

The skilled therapist positions the client semi-inclined on her side to work safely on her back. Clients who prefer to lay on their tummy can use the pregnancy cushion, which has a large cut-out for the belly. Not every therapist is a fan of the cushion as it can stretch the client's back if not used properly. Luckily all our therapists are specifically trained in pregnancy massage - including our two male therapists.