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Get 20% off rrp when buying in conjuction with a beauty treatment*

These products are wonderful. "It's a real pleasure to use them", says our resident beauty therapist Silvia. The company itself is not shy about them. This is what they say about theor products:

"We have tapped into the heart of plants, drawing only the best essences from botanicals that nurture and heal the skin. Combining these with scientific research and cutting edge technology, our formulas are proven to improve skin tone, texture and elasticity.

If naturally healthy, radiant and glowing skin is of prime importance to you, then the NAT.FACE skincare regime provides the natural solution and the promise of great skin.

product size rrp
Eye Cream 15ml $49.00
Replenish Cleansing Lotion 100ml $38.00
Replenish Exfoliating Treatment 100g $49.00
Replenish Moisture Cream 50g $46.00
Rebalance Cleansing Gel 100ml $38.00
Rebalance Treatment Scrub 100g $49.00
Rebalance Clay Mask 100g $38.00
Rebalance Moisture Gel 50g $36.00
Restore Cleansing Lotion 100ml $38.00
Restore Tratment Toner 100ml $38.00
Restore Moisture Cream 50g $46.00
Restore Gift Pack* n/a $89.00
The Active Collection Gift Pack* n/a $89.00
* no discount applies to the Gift Packs, already heavily discounted. Maximum net purchase value $110 per treatment.