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Amylea The Nanny Griffin.

Amylea GriffinOn the other end of the spectrum from the massage-oil wielding therapists is Amylea, who chose a computer over a massage table, completing a Bachelor degree in Communication and Media in 2012.

Amylea has been working with children in various roles: the entertainer, the dance teacher, the babysitter and the after-school carer for several years. Since November 2014 "I have been lucky enough to combine my love of writing with working with children at the Balmain Massage and Wellness Centre", she says.

In fact, Amylea is our nanny and our social media writer, as well as being a welcoming, smiling presence in our reception.

When not at the centre, Amylea can be found on the stage, as she has a keen interest in theatre and the performing arts and has acted in several stage productions. And those of us who've seen her on stage can testify she's quite the performer!

"I might not be a therapist myself," she says, but I'm a firm believer in the power of natural remedies and the importance of mental and physical health to the well-being of all people... so I just love working in a massage and wellness clinic".

Amylea is with us Tuesdays to Fridays, available between 10AM and 4PM to mind your children while you are on the massage table. What better way to escape from the stress of parenting for an hour with a relaxtion massage while knowing your little one is happy playing just a few metres away! Read more....