open 7 days
10-7 weekdays, 8-30-7 weekends

Chris Shakallis
Many different
techniques to heal,
relax, rehabilitate.

Chris's schedule

mon tue wed thu fri sat sun
Chris works every second Sunday

Chris's modalities

remedial | pregnancy | deep tissue | sports | relaxation | reflexology | myofascial release | sound therapy

Chris's health funds

All health funds except Bupa, and Bupa-affiliates MBF and HBA.
Bupa do not question Chris's skills as a therapist. To this UK-based health fund, all those who got their diploma before a certain date (in the Eighties) under particular conditions just do not qualify for a provider number. Wrong? Get a massage from Chris, and judge for yourself.

It would probably be enough to say that Chris has over 25 years full time clinical experience as a massage therapist to feel reassured.

During these years he has treated a variety of clients from amateur to elite and Olympic level athletes as well as musicians, performers and high profile clients. Chris regularly treats successfully clients with problems including back and neck pain and injury, anxiety, stress, headaches and soft tissue injuries. And musicians with occupational injuries.

Chris comes a bit more into focus when we learn that he has extensive teaching experience as a massage therapy lecturer at Nature Care College-Sydney and Natural Health Beauty Colleges in Parramatta.

He is also a skilled musician, the composer of a number of CD’s for relaxation and meditation, including the highly acclaimed Octaves From The Sun. Mixing the two skills, he uses Tibetan singing bowls as tools of a very effective sound therapy. Watch him in action.

"The therapeutic effects of the singing bowls to access deeper levels of relaxation are well documented," he says, "and I have quite a selection of bowls and gongs. One of these days I'm going to run a workshop on how to use them".

We can't wait.