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Jordan Russell
everything is energy - even us!

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Jordan is passionate about living life to the fullest...

[She teaches private music lessons to students, performs in a rock band and as a solo artist and plays AFL for NSW Uni].

She believes that everything is made up of energy... even us!

"When we are feeling stressed, tired, unwell or unsure about our direction, this is often due to of blockages in our energy channels", she says. "Taking the time to be still, breathe and release these blockages through reiki (energy healing), will assist in raising a person's energy, creating mental clarity, relieve stress and bring them back to a state of health and happiness."

Energy healing does not claim to cure illnesses, says Jordan, but is used as a complementary therapy, and is an incredible technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Jordan is a very active, healthy and positive person with a great passion for creating the best life this world can offer. She loves to help others do the same!

[AFL training not compulsory, but that too could help - Ed.]

This offer is withdrawn from 15 November 2019 From mid-October to November 30, you can get a 30' reiki session with Jordan when you book any 1 hour (or more) appointment with any of our therapists for just $30 more. You may only use this introductory offer once, on Monday mornings and Thursdays all day!