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Melissa Wu
Your body
will tell you
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remedial | pregnancy | deep tissue | sports | relaxation | aromatherapy | reflexology | hot stone

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When you ask Chia-Jung (a.k.a. Melissa) about herself, she'll tell you she's a positive person with a solid sense of humour.

When you get to know her a bit, you get the impression that she's a very positive person with a great sense of humour that easily cuts across languages and cultures.

Melissa got her Diploma of Remedial Massage from one of the very few colleges to teach aromatherapy - for it was fragrant oils that got her hooked up in the world of natural therapies.

"Essential oils make the massage more interesting", she says. "And help rebalance you. And that's what about, helping people ease out of their discomfort, helping the patient at physical but also mental and emotional levels. That's very rewarding".

Essential oils help connecting with the person on the massage table. "If you think that a person lies there undressed, often telling you very private details about themselves and their lives - that's powerful, and you need to be careful and gentle with it."

Careful and gentle does not necessarily means soft... those looking for a firmer massage will be at home with Melissa.

"I think I manage to strike a good balance," she says. "I have to - so that, after a few days from the last treatment, the client's body will tell them that they need to re-book with me," she says, and laughs.