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Sarah Smart
Unbounded enthusiasm
for essential oils
plus a kind nature

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Sarah's rates

60' for $60.00

Effective 13 June 2017.
Sorry, no private health fund rebates.

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Essential oils play now a major role in Sarah's life... for more, check out our blog

A couple of years ago Sarah joined out team as our resident student. She was working towards a Diploma in Aromatherapy, and providing aromatherapy massages to our clients at student rates. Now she returns to work with us as she refines her skills in the pursuit of her diploma qualification, still offering her fabulous 60/60, $60 for 60 minutes.

Essential oils weren't especially high on her list of priorities when she started her working life... There's no obvious connection between using oils to help people relax (or unwind or feel refreshed or energised) and the world of information technology, which was Sarah's world - and one where she was successful.

People who work in IT can lead an unhealthy lifestyle - nothing like long hours sitting down staring at a monitor. Soon though Sarah was practising a low-toxin lifestyle, and developing an interest first, a passion later, for natural home-made products.

Then, in late 2014, the decision. She took her family from Perth to Sydney, and herself out of the IT world. She became a stay-at-home mum, a student of aromatherapy and an entrepreneur dealing in essential oils.

"I want to lower the toxic load for my two daughters as they grow up", she says, "and do the same for others. You see", she smiles, "I've got a rather kind, gentle motherly nature and something like aromatherapy sits especially well with me.

"With my treatment, I want my clients to relax to reduce stress and improve sleep; invigorate and enhance energy; uplift the mood and improve wellbeing; improve general circulation, reduce muscle pain and tension and enhance concentration."

Sarah's rates

45' 60' 75'
$45 $60 $75
Effective 1st February 2016. Sorry, no private health fund rebates.