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The engine room.

Behind our wonderful therapists there's a bunch of people whose purpose in life is to make the therapists' job as easy as possible, and your own experience with them smooth and pleasant. They're our receptionists and, more often heard than seen (unlike good children), Blanca's husband Claudio.

Together they make sure the ship sails smoothly - just to mix sail and engine metaphors, confusingly.

Zoe Gallagher-AveryZoe


Zoe is noticeable... not so much because of the colour of her hair (turquoise green at the beginning of 2017 when this picture was taken but shocking pink a year later, and that may change without notice); not so much because of the budgie that may be perched on her shoulder - although that, like the hair, does help.

What is immediately noticeable is the warmth Zoe oozes, whether over the phone or in person. That would make her an asset even if she weren't as quick and bright as she is.

She has a Working with Children certificate and seven years of experience teaching very young students and fostering their development.

She is also a student of philosophy and English at the University of Sydney, and has spent over ten years performing and teaching classical piano. In her free time, Zoe tends to her flock of birds, has a great love of wine and cheese, literature and classical composition.

Zoe will greet you on Sundays and Mondays.

Claudio ParoliClaudio Paroli

It's hard to fathom why Claudio would want this picture for this website, given that most days he's in shorts and runners, and does not look as slim as that. Perhaps that's why. But he's married to the boss, and is also the webmaster, so he sort of does what he wants on the website.

A TV journalist for more than 30 years, he's put cameras, tripods and mics in a cupboard and only gets them out when he really likes a project.

He's our receptionist of last resort, likely to answer the phone at 7AM or 9:45PM. Sometimes.

Andrea TamayoAndrea Tamayo

For somebody who says she dislikes desk jobs, applying for a job as a receptionist may seem counter-intuitive.

"This is totally different from a job in the corporate world", says Andrea. "Massage is appealing."

Ten years ago she wouldn't have thought so. Things natural held no great appeal for the teenage girl who was into team sports such as Oztag and even soccer, in spite of the diminutive size ("I was one of the tallest girls in primary school. Then stopped early").

A trip to Nepal changed all that. Andrea read about Hinduism and Buddhism, got into yoga and after a while did a yoga teacher course. She taught for a couple of years, then took a year off and travelled through Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, then India. "Always away from the tourists destinations", she say. "Always away from concrete, in homestays, looking for forests and oceans".

More travelling followed to Mexico and the USA, where she has relatives, and finally the Philippines, which her family left in the last few months of the 20th century to call Australia home, for the sake of the children.

She's at Balmain Massage & Wellness Centre from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

And the other days? "Camping, bushwalking, swimming... No concrete for me".

...and Amylea?

Well, Amylea left in December 2017 to pursue other interests including being a fairy :)

On and off she was with us for 3 years as the nanny, the social writer, the receptionist, naturally, and the keeper of the faith. We're indebted to her for contributing with her ethics to what our Centre is today, and wish her to stay strong and keep chasing her dreams.