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The engine room.

Behind our wonderful therapists there's a bunch of people whose purpose in life is to make the therapists' job as easy as possible, and your own experience with them smooth and pleasant. They're our receptionists and, more often heard than seen (unlike good children), Blanca's husband Claudio.

Together they make sure the ship sails smoothly - just to mix sail and engine metaphors, confusingly.

Amanda CampbellAmanda Campbell

"There isn't a lot to say about me", says Amanda. She's definitely selling herself short. From a strictly professional viewpoint, one could say that she has a great deal of experience as a receptionist in a health-oriented business - she's done that for the last 10 years, in three different cities.

One could also add that she likes dogs and funny movies, although this couldn't explain the healthy glow of her skin. Ah, yes, dig a bit deeper and she'll admit she loves the beach, although for the moment she doesn't live near one - but that might change any time.

And finally, she like hanging out with family and friends. She ticks all boxes!

Amanda will greet you Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Georgia CooperGeorgia Cooper

Georgia isn't an entirely new quantity, as she's been helping out as a casual receptionist all through 2018, her last year of High School.

Now school's over and she's at UNSW, doing a bachelor degree in International Studies.

She's also a skier and admits to an attraction for shopping - which is why she's looking at being as financially independent as her young age allows.

She's definitely our youngest ever staff member, and by quite a long country mile, but The Boss says she feels happy and relaxed when Georgia is at the helm. And those who know The Boss will acknowledge that this is high praise indeed.

She's at Balmain Massage & Wellness Centre on Sundays.

Claudio ParoliClaudio Paroli

It's hard to fathom why Claudio would want this picture for this website, given that most days he's in shorts and runners. Perhaps that's why. But he's married to The Boss, and is also the webmaster, so he does what he wants on the website.

A TV journalist for more than 30 years, he's still at it with cameras, tripods and mics. He's also our receptionist of last resort, likely to answer the phone at 7AM or send you an email at 8:45PM.