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Almost sister act.

What are the chances of two physiotherapists, both young, both female and both from a Latin country, knocking on our door the same day? Not very high, you'd think - but that's what happened last October.

Alessandra and Victoria came at a time when we were looking for help to handle the end of the year workload - so they were immediately welcome. Both good professionals and thoroughly nice individuals, they're poised to make our Centre an even richer and more diverse place, with the introduction of physiomassage (what is it? check it out). And don't we love that!

Alessandra Cupelli

"Work was great, but the weather was depressing", says Alessandra. She's talking about the six years she spent in London after her degree in physiotherapy at the prestigious "La Sapienza", Rome's oldest University. And not just any degree, but "summa cum laude" - that is, "with the highest honours". There's no higher score.

Shortly afterwards, her itchy feet took her to London, still the siren for many young Italians today in spite of Brexit. There she stayed on for 6 years, refining her skills to become a fully fledged Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, her last job full time at the West Middlesex Hospital (a major public hospital in West London) until August 2017, when she decided to chase up an old dream.

"I always wanted to see Australia. So I dropped everything and came here before getting too old for a working holiday visa."

London's loss is our gain: Alessandra will now spend the "working" part of her working holiday with us, adding her physiotherapist skills to her remedial massage knowledge. And practicing her fitness routine in much better weather.

Victoria Luberriaga

If Alessandra is FOB (fresh off the boat), Victoria is even fresher, arriving in Australia at the end of September 2017.

New Zealand was her last stop in a whirlwind tour of Asia and the Pacific, before crossing the Tasman and landing in Sydney.

Victoria calls Argentina home - that's where she learned to dance samba and chacarera, where she played fĂștbol with number 10 on the back of her shirt, just like countryman Lionel Messi, ("not as well or as seriously", she says) and where got her degrees in physiotherapy and, later, in osteopathy at the Inter-American Open University in Buenos Aires.

She has done much more work as a physio than as an osteo since graduating, so she will draw on those physiotherapy skills when treating patients with stubborn injuries or sudden pains at the Balmain Massage & Wellness Centre.

Neither of our physiotherapists plan to stay in Australia for ever, so going through the hurdles and the expense of getting their degrees registered in Austrtalia isn't a option. So, regrettably, no health fund rebate can apply to the treatments they perform.