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The eyes have it.
closeup of eyes

Nature is fabulous indeed... Look at this picture and marvel at the perfection of form and function it conveys.

Of course, there are times when Nature needs a little helping hand, and that's when our Silvia can step in with her beautician's skills.

Whether it's eyelashes or eyebrows that need attention, whether it's hair in places where you don't want it, whether it's a matter of shaping a line or correcting a curve, Silvia can do it.

Our Centre is primarily focussed on massage, so treatments like these are only available in conjunction with a 1 hour massage and some beauty treatments. It's a good idea to check on these services' availability at the time of booking.

additional beauty treatments
eyebrow waxing $18 eyebrow tint $17 eyelash tint $17
chin waxing $13 lip waxing $12 sides of face wax $16
underarm waxing $12 brazilian $60 collagen mask $25

...happiness is facial hair gone.