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Our (your) wellness.


There's no doubt that at the Balmain Massage & Wellness Centre the emphasis is on massage and various forms of bodywork. However in that "other" word in our name, wellness, we store quite a few options, such a cranio-sacral therapy, reiki, bowen therapy and a few beauty treatments. You can follow the links below and jump to the treatments.

But what is wellness?

Good question: check the internet for the many, many definitions of wellness. They have two points in common: wellness is being in good health, and wellness doesn't just happen.

What "being in good health" means varies wildly, but most will agree that it means feeling good physically and mentally. Some will talk about emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, even environmental wellness. The University of California's website lists 8 different aspects of wellness (spiritual, financial and social are among those I had not thought about). Trust the Californians :)

But all definitions, all websites, all Wellness Institutes or research centres (and there's a few) agree that wellness is something that needs pursuing, actively chasing. It isn't like good looks, that you might sport because you've inherited Mum's good genes. Wellness doesn't just happen, they all say. You've got to work for it.  Bummer.

However, you needn't be on your own in your quest for wellness. Friends, especially true friends, can help a lot, as can others who love and care for us. And, of course, professionals such as your friendly, skilled massage therapist (had to stick a sales pitch in it...). Here though we want to highlight the work of other professionals, who are not massage therapists but share with us a philosophy and a vision, and often have worked and still work with us. Like us, they are in the business of getting you to live a better life, and provide their own shortcuts to wellness.

cranio-sacral therapy

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There's no contact between patient and therapist in this form of alternative medicine, developed in 1922... read more

bowen therapy

This form of healing by intervening on the muscular fascia was developed by Geelong boy Tom Bowen... read more


Sometimes working on the muscles isn't enough. Some conditions are rooted in the mind... read more