Meet our therapists: Dorine

Dorine Siccama’s unique approach to natural healing is the result of a background in both remedial massage and psychology, which led her on a quest to build a career in holistic therapies. She was awarded a Master’s Degree in psychology from the University of Amsterdam before becoming fascinated by the stories the human body could tell.

I loved massage, I loved psychology and I loved integrating body and mind. That was always my thing; I always thought that these two had to be integrated.”

It wasn’t until Dorine relocated to Switzerland with her family and enrolled in another course that she serendipitously discovered the field of Craniosacral Therapy, fulfilling this desire. 

After three years of intensive training, Dorine began practicing as a Craniosacral therapist in the little Swiss mountain village in which she lived. Though picturesque, Dorine’s heart had been in Sydney ever since she initially visited as a backpacker more than 20 years prior and she was champing at the bit to return.

In 2016, Dorine brought her Craniosacral vision back to Australia, where she is now settled for life and, thankfully, she is sharing this vision with the patrons of Balmain Massage. She specialises in treating complex conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue, tinnitus, whiplash and jaw problems. Craniosacral therapy is also beneficial in treating a large array of symptoms from headaches and migraines, to joint pain.

Dorine volunteers fortnightly at the Calvary Hospital in Kogarah, treating palliative care patients. Her long-term goal is to spread the healing properties of Craniosacral therapy by becoming a trainer, and dreams of one day developing a low to no-cost pain clinic, one day a week. She acknowledges that this modality is yet to become the first on peoples’ lips, but encourages sufferers to experience its healing properties for themselves.

For anybody on high alert – high vigilance, post traumatic stress, some forms of ear ringing, headaches, jaw problems – Cranio is a great modality that will help people to cut that physiological stress.

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