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Live a better life.

We all say "health is our most precious possession". Yeah, right. Then something like the current pandemic comes around to remind us that it isn't a truism, it isn't just empty words.

It is true.

We're in the business of assisting people to stay healthy, and we want to share with you what we are doing to ensure we all reach that goal.

The best medical advice starts by saying we should minimise contact or, as it's now being called, social distancing. Well, we're in the business of touching people, so that's impractical. BUT it does not mean it does not apply at all. Let's start with what we do to make sure the environment we provide is made as safe as it can be.


Our Centre gets thoroughly cleaned every morning, including floors and all surfaces, using disinfectant.

As you would be aware, during your treatment you rest your face on a face cover surrounding a hole in the massage table. We have always changed that face cover (and the sarong you lie on. and the one covering you) after each session is over. But now, given that this virus gets into the body mostly via the respiratory system, we are also wiping the cloth under the face cover with hospital grade disinfectant.

Once you leave the room, sarongs and face cover all go into a 75 minute long hot water wash before getting dried, folded and reused. The hot towel used to wipe you down at the end of your treatment is dunked in disinfectant before use, then washed after use in a 75' long hot water wash as well.

Personal hygiene

Our therapists have always washed their hands and arms before and after each session, and continue to do so. A sanitiser gel is also available to you, should you feel the need for it. And of course you can wear a face mask if you wish to. Also, we have a bathroom and you're welcome to use it to wash your hands before and after the treatment, or use a sanitiser or a disinfectant wipe.

Social distancing

There's a very good article on an American website about social distancing, and most of it is irrelevant to our particular situation (although quite useful in different circumstances). But not all: when you hand over to the receptionist your health fund card, or your credit card if it isn't contactless, both you and the receptionist have a physical contact mediated by the card. So don't be surprised if the receptionists wipes your card before taking it/returning to you. She will also wipe the keyboard of our EFTPOS terminal after each use. It may look silly - but it isn't. This virus can spread really fast. And apparently can last up to 3 days on plastic... but of course not if you wipe that plastic with disinfectant.

Finally... it's always a pleasure to see you but, needless to say, if you feel unwell, please do the right thing and postpone your visit to the Centre. Do not hesitate to do so, even on the same day.

Remember: the best defence against any virus is to stay healthy. And we're here to help you live a better life.