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We all need to live with the virus, they tell us. We're doing our best to do so - while at the same time keeping all those measures that we believe contributed to ensure no-one ever got infected with Covid -9 at Balmain Massage & Wellness (as far as we know).

As healthcare providers, we don't discriminate on the basis of vaccination status - but of course we hope all our clients would be fully vaccinated by now.

Almost all restrictions have been lifted by now, but be aware that masks are still to be be worn in a private health facility. Apart from that, we still take some measure to ensure everyone's safety:

Keep your distance

We have been staggering appointments by at least 15 minutes so ideally you won't have to meet anyone except your therapist and our receptionist. Please bear with us if we suggest a more suitable time than the one you have in mind.


Our Centre gets thoroughly cleaned every night, including floors, and all surfaces get disinfected between clients.

As you would be aware, during your treatment you rest your face on a face cover surrounding a hole in the massage table. We have always changed that face cover (and the sarong you lie on, and the one covering you) after each session. But now, given that this virus gets into the body mostly via the respiratory system, we are also wiping the cloth under the face cover with hospital grade disinfectant.

Our therapists all wear masks during treatments. Remember, you can also ask us for a face mask to wear during your session, especially when you turn onto your back. It's a disposable mask and there's no charge for it.

Once you leave the room, all towels, sarongs and face cover go into a 75 minute-long hot water wash before getting dried, folded and reused. The hot towel used to wipe you down at the end of your treatment is dunked in disinfectant before use, then washed after use in a 75' long hot water wash as well.

Personal hygiene

Our therapists have always washed their hands and forearms before and after each session, and continue to do so. They will be wearing a mask and keeping their distance, before the treatment starts, while discussing with you what you expect of your session.

Also, we have a bathroom and you're welcome to use it to wash your hands before and after the treatment, or use a sanitiser or a disinfectant wipe - ask your therapist.

Finally... it's always a pleasure to see you but, needless to say, if you feel unwell, please do the right thing and postpone your visit to the Centre. Do not hesitate to do so, even on the same day.

The best defence against any virus is to stay healthy. And we're here to help you live a better life.

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