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Back pain: it can be fixed

It's one of the body's worst pains, debilitating and oh so elusive. According to a 2018 study by The Lancet, "back pain is now the number one cause of disability globally".The article goes on to say that lower back pain "is a symptom, not a disease", and that in most cases it's difficult to identify the source:
"There are some serious causes of persistent low back pain" (from cancer, fractures or inflamation) "but these account for a very small proportion of cases".

We've been having some success treating lower back pain stemming from tightness in a range of muscles, from glutes to psoas, from hamstrings to hip flexors - most common in people with sedentary jobs.

Gym work - for all its wonderful benefits - can also cause lower back pain, and several of our therapists specialise in treating sports injuries.

One clear recommendation from the study: don't take a panadol! Masking the problem will not fixt it.

The Lancet is a British-based international general medical journal. In 2023 it will be 200 years old.

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