Silvia Verdina


Seven years ago, Silvia Verdina boarded a flight from Italy with a one-way ticket to Sydney, ready for the complete life-overhaul that comes with relocating to the other side of the world. Step 1: career. We are lucky that we nabbed her in the process! Silvia was dissatisfied in menial retail work and sought the fulfilment of a career in which she could “help people to feel better”, which is when she began seriously exploring natural therapies, ultimately enrolling in a diploma of remedial massage. “I love receiving massages myself and[…]

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Sarah Smart

The science behind the art

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that the art of aromatherapy is choosing the prettiest-smelling essential oils and rubbing them all over your body, because, after all, essential oils do smell gorgeous. But scratch the surface and you’ll discover an intricate scientific process that requires two years of study and over 350 clinical hours to master. Sarah Smart of Aromatherapy with Sarah, resident aromatherapist at The Balmain Massage and Wellness Centre, breaks down the chemistry behind the art. Compared with other modalities, aromatherapy requires quite a comprehensive consultation before you even[…]

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The SAD truth about winter blues

When you are categorically NOT a ‘winter person’, there is no layered fashion or hot-cuppa-in-bed powerful enough to force you to embrace the dreariness of a cloud-plagued sky. You’ll probably notice your mood collapse with a thud as the temperature drops, and your motivation evaporate in front of the warm heater. Winter blues, we call it. As it turns out, you could be experiencing a legitimate disorder with its very own acronym: SAD. Fitting, isn’t it? Seasonal Affective Disorder is actually classified as a major depressive disorder which recurs at[…]

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Taboo? Massage and cancer.

We love to think of massage as something akin to pampering, not really essential but good to have every now and then, for relaxation or after a hard session at gym. You’d expect the blog of a massage clinic to challenge this view, claim that regular massage helps you live a better life in so many ways… And that’s true, of course. But today I want to mention a different group of people – those for whom massage, because of a medical condition, is a necessity rather than a choice.[…]

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You aren’t quite finished…

Childbirth may be the only pain known to humans that usually results in a positive outcome. But the tremendous physical strain a new mother experiences during this period of her life extends far beyond labour. In our previous post just below, we outlined the importance of pregnancy massage in preparing a woman and her fetus for birth, both psychologically and physiologically. Keeping up the good habits acquired during pregnancy, as this next phase of motherhood kicks in, could be the key to maintaining balance and managing the aches and discomforts[…]

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a pregnant woman's belly

Natural progression

The physical changes that occur during pregnancy are some of nature’s most incredible wonders… wonders that can be downright uncomfortable. As the body adjusts to accommodate the expanding uterus, organs begin shifting and ligaments stretching, and that alone can cause some serious discomfort. Add to this the pressure (from baby’s rapidly increasing weight) on the pelvic bone and on the nerves that run between pelvis and legs and you have a recipe for a tense and achy disaster. Obviously there is also a significant weight gain which the spine must[…]

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