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Here at the Balmain Massage & Wellness Centre we pride ourselves on the quality of our therapeutic massages - powerful tools to improve one's quality of life.

Our wide range caters for different needs, including the all-important relaxation (and pampering, and spoiling yourself). All of them aim at helping you feel happier in you body.

  • remedial massageTherapeutic massage is our core activity: everything we do aims at fixing a problem and help you enjoy life more.
  • sports massageA blend of techniques to enhance performance and help overworked muscles to recover quickly.
  • myofascial releaseMore and more the fascia is seen as the key to sorting out some persistent muscular problems.
  • deep tissueRecommended for those who have suffered an injury, or are involved in heavy physical activity.
  • relaxation massage A wonderful way to relieve tension and stress, aches and small pains and increase general wellbeing.
  • detoxLymphatic drainage, body scrub plus reductive and scalp massages to help clear toxins.
  • lymphatic drainageIt doesn't reach into muscle tissue, but brushes over the main lymph ducts in the face, neck, armpits etc.
  • reduction massageA massage that helps the body reduce fat tissue in areas such as thighs, waist, abdomen and buttocks.
  • hot stone massage A deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage which uses smooth basalt stones, moderately heated.
  • aromatherapyEssential oils are massaged into the skin to relax the nervous system, relieve muscle tension and sooth the aches of stressful living.
  • bowen therapyNot a massage but a holistic and multidimensional approach to pain relief and healing. Read more, it's surprisingly effective!
  • indian headAn Ayurvedic good health practice, this massage aims at clearing blocked energy channels and restore the natural flow.
  • reflexologyA powerful form of therapy that massages, stretches and kneads areas on feet, hands and ears to work indirectly on your whole body.
  • reikiA form of alternative therapy that uses qi, or life force energy, to work on body, mind and emotions.
  • pregnancy massageEvery one of our therapist is a proficient pregnancy masseuse. Even our blokes.
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