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Infant massage classes.


Infant massage is very different from your "normal" massage, that is, the remedial massage adults experience.

For starters... it isn't performed by a massage therapist, but by the parent. Then, the kind of strokes and levels of pressure of the remedial massage don't apply to infant or baby massage. it isn't so much a way of manipulating the little body, as much as communicating with it through the touch.

Studies in this field are far from being conclusive, but most agree that the communication through the touch helps both parents and child to develop a fuller relationship, which - as the child grows - extend to others the child comes in contact with.

In other words, infant massage (and, later, baby massage) is a means of developing an interaction between infant and parent. As award-winning speech language pathologist Dr Elaine Fogel Schneider puts it, "infant massage is not done to an infant; it is done with an infant.

Research suggests there are benefits for both parents and children: parents can see a drop in their anxiety levels as they better learn to decode their little ones' non verbal clues, while the children experience a smoother development, with fewer instances of reflux or colic.

So, you don't bring your baby to a place like the Balmain Massage & Wellness Centre to be massaged, but to learn how to massage your own baby.

This is something we introduced in mid-2017, and at the moment we offer classes with Talitha at 9AM on Wednesdays and Fridays, either one-to-one or in groups of 2-3 (plus babies of course - bearing in mind you can learn infant massage even before your bub is born). If these times don't suit you, let us know - there's quite a bit of flexibility in our system :)

You have the option of one-to-one or group sessions. For group sessions, please call us. For private appointments, the pricing is:

1x 60'$80
2x 60'$150
3x 60'$210

Do I need 1, 2 or 3 sessions?

In the first session, you will learn basic baby massage techniques which will include legs, abdomen, arms,face and back. Bear in mind that babies are unpredictable, so it does happen that a baby resists attempts to massage her or him. In that case Talitha will get you to practice your massage techniques on one of her massage dolls. She'll check that you use the correct pressure and techniques to ensure your safety and that of your baby.

If you go for two sessions, you will learn the basic techniques indicated above, including the right sequences for colic, reflux and constipation. The content will be split up over the 2 weeks, which will enable you to practice the massage with your baby at home, come back to the 2nd appointment, revise and adjust your technique, talk about your baby's routine, what massage would work best for them and any other questions you may have. The aim is to make you feel 100% confident in the way you massage your baby.

Over three sessions you will learn all the basics, and you will also learn lymphatic drainage (to strengthen your baby's immune system), and some extra reflexology pressure points on feet you can safely use on your baby. Also, Talitha will show you some exercises and stretches to enhance coordination and flexibility and how to adjust the massage with your baby as they grow up (eg. crawl, walk, toddler, preschooler, etc.)

Again, the aim is to make you feel 100% confident in the way you massage your baby.

* prepayment required. You also receive a 100ml Organic Infant Massage Oil and a review sheet so you can practice at home.