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Our beauty treatments.

If we all had a skin like hers, we would need no beauty therapies. Regrettably that's not always the case, and we need a bit of help sometimes.

Whether you want just to get a fresher complexion before that big night out, or get rid of those stubborn fine lines that seem so unaffected by the most expensive of creams....

The range of possible beauty treatments is extensive, but at Balmain Massage & Wellness we concentrate on these three, using a skincare range developed for us by Kay Saarinen and some new products by AvoGlow. The treatments are:


Facials come in many varieties, from simple, quick cleansing procedures to more involved masks and peels.


Microdermabrasion: do away with fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpygmentation. Your skin will absorb 50% more nutrients.
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body scrub

Relax in your cocoon while our coffe-based scrub works to firm, rehydrate, soothe and deeply cleanse your skin.
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