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Myofascial release.

Myofascial release aims at treating the fascia, the “cling wrap” that envelopes all our muscles and organs, which more and more is targeted as the key to sorting some persistent muscular problems.

There are several techniques to release the fascia, including Bowen Therapy. One of them is cupping - that is, the use of suction cups on various body areas.

Cupping is an ancient Eastern technique where suction cups are used to release soft tissue that is contracted. Myofascial cupping (‘MFC’) takes traditional cupping one step further by releasing the fascia underneath and the deeper musculo-skeletal structures as well the soft tissue, and is an excellent treatment for chronic pain. MFC is particularly effective in treating congested muscles in the upper back, gluteal, ilio-tibial bands, calves and forearms to name but a few.

In most cases the client experiences immediate pain relief. Sometimes multiple treatments are needed to reverse long standing pain patterns.

How it works: the cup is applied (or ‘parked’) with a suction pump and negative pressure is created above the surface of the muscles and surrounding fascia. By decreasing the atmospheric pressure in the cup, the tissue is lifted causing changes in pressure beneath the skin including the muscles and fascia. The cups are then made glide over the skin and that movement releases the fascia.

Cupping is painless. Occasionally, though, it may leave red to purple areas where the cups were applied. The more toxins in the tissue where the cup is applied, the darker these areas will be; with subsequent treatments, the redness decreases. Not everyone experiences bruising, though.
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