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Let's face it.
Your face may be screaming for help.

"I've got a cupboard full of the right products, I don't need a facial. I can manage, thank you".

Maybe you can manage. Chances are your skin is not, and it's screaming for help. Slapping a cream at night isn't the answer, as you know. There's a lot more that goes into a facial - such as a beauty therapist's years of experience in assessing different skin types, their conditions, their potential. Every skin is different, and our beauty therapists can advise you as to what treatment suits you best.

Treatments can include clay mask to deep cleanse and purify, and fruit enzyme mask to exfoliate and improve skin texture (for best results, couple them with a relaxation massage).

A facial works best when it is part of an on-going program of skin care. Ask our resident beauty therapist Silvia Verdina, Dip BT, RM for a skin evaluation. She will be able to give you some self-care tips as well. And for a better idea of what a facial is about, watch Silvia give a proper facial in the video below.

There's one more reason to get a facial right now: when you get a treatment, we use products from our new skincare range. They're good for the Earth and terrific for your skin!

How it works

Any facial, even a quick one, will start with a thorough cleansing, using cotton pads, warm towels and wipes. The next step is warming up your skin to open up pores and soften up any blackheads marked for extraction.

The skin is then exfoliated (for a more thorough exfoliation process see microdermabrasion) and an approriate mask applied. Treatment masks include clay masks to prioritise deep cleansing and purification, and fruit enzyme masks to exfoliate and improve skin texture. For best results, couple them with a relaxation massage.

Finally the mask is removed with warm towels and a finishing product is applied - that is, a toner/moisturiser and/or a serum.