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Frequently asked questions.

Massage comes in many different nuances, all aiming at getting you to live a better life.

To answer questions such as "what is remedial massage" or "what's the difference between deep tissue and sports massages", we've put together a free booklet. Of course, you may also click on the menu button at the top of your screen and select "our massages" or "our beauty" from the row of buttons. Each modality is extensively explained but, should you wish to know more, please send us a message - that's what the "feedback" button is for.

Are you all vaccinated?

Yes, all our staff are fully vaccinated as of mid-January 2021, with one exception.
We ask you to let us know your vaccination status at the time of booking, although we - as healthcare providers - cannot discriminate against the unvaccinated. But some of our therapists may prefer not to treat them. More info here.

Do I need to book?

Yes, we do prefer it if you make a booking. This way we make sure a therapist is available for your treatment at the right time.
You can just come up, and sometimes you'll be lucky, but just turning up could lead to a disappointment.

My mobile? Why?

When you make a booking we ask you to give us your mobile - for two reasons: one, we send you a reminder before your appointment. Two, if your appointment is going to be affected in any way (your therapist has to deal with an emergency, for instance), we want to be able to contact you and let you know as soon as possible.
We do not use your mobile for our marketing unless you tell us it's OK. And will never pass your data onto any third parties.

The door's locked?

We value everyone's safety, both clients and staff, so there will be times when we lock our front door. Please ring the intercom to the right of our door or call 0406 896 525 - a real person will answer.

I need to cancel!

It's OK, things do come up - we've all done it and we know some cancellations are unavoidable.
Of course we appreciate as much notice as possible, as same day cancellation may result in a fee being charged. "No shows", of course, are really bad form, and repeat offenders may be asked to provide their credit card details before we accept another booking.

I'm running late!

Our therapists work hard and often they will have a number of appointments in sequence, with just enough time between them to reset their rooms and recharge their batteries. Clients who arrive late may get a shorter session but still be charged for the session they booked. Having said that, we're in the service business - so we'll do all we reasonably can to have happy clients. And we will appreciate a call to let us know you're running late!

Can I get a health fund rebate?

Yes you can - depending on your plan with the fund, of course. Check with our receptionist at the time of booking as not all funds work through the HICAPS terminal (a full list on this page). Also, you'll want to make sure your therapist of choice is registered with your health fund. So bring your health fund card with you when you come in! And remember, there's more to HICAPS than just money.

Do you do gift vouchers?

We sure do. Just click here and you'll be taken to a secure form where you can order a gift voucher (or gift certificate, we use either word) which you can then pick up, get posted to you or to your recipient or, even more simply, get emailed - which is great for those last minute presents. More information here.

Do you use oils?

Yes we do - a variety of oils depending on the job at hand. Some of them can be mixed with essential oils (such as lavender for relaxation or rosemary to help repair muscle tissue) or are used straight.
We also use creams, which get absorbed by the skin more easily - especially useful when you have to get back into your clothes and to work. If you have a preference, do mention it to your therapist.

Can I be naked?

Especially when trying to defuse a lower back problem that originates in the glutes or the psoas, a therapist will dig deep into the buttock muscles and the front of the thigh. Underwear, however, can be moved around easily, so clients are to keep their underwear on during their sessions.

Full body massage?

Ah, we'd better be clear... This Centre only offers therapeutic massage. Sometimes we're asked whether we do "full body massage". Of course we massage the entire body, depending on the client's requirements and physical condition.
But "full body massage" is sometimes used as an euphemism for sex - then the answer is "no, we're not in the business of providing sex" - in the full respect of those who choose to.

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