open 7 days
10-7 weekdays, 8-30-7 weekends

What we are about.

"The only people who should do massage are those who are passionate about healing, about getting other people better", says Blanca Quincoces who, in 2006, created The Balmain Massage Centre (as it was called then) with Eric Hendriks.

This is evident in the way every therapist working at Balmain Massage introduces herself or himself: the words passion and passionate recur often even though they all come from different backgrounds and half a dozen different countries.

They also have in common a solid technical preparation - everyone has at least a Diploma in Remedial Massage and several years' experience, which not only means that our clients get rebates from their health funds but, more importantly, that their valuable bodies are in good hands.

At Balmain Massage we practice a wide variety of modalities of therapeutic massage and beauty treatments - a full description here. And that's it - no tarots, no crystals for sale, no new age CD's. Just quality massage that can fix a persistent back problem, help a mother-to-be get to the big day in better shape and recover faster afterwards, or just make daily stress easier to cope with. And a few beauty treatments, so afterwards you can look as good as you feel.

We're here to help you live a better life.