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More than just money.

Let's be honest about it... we all love it when we go to the front desk for the final act of our appointment - the inevitable payment - get our private health fund card out and hand it over to get our rebate.

After all, that's why we give those health funds large amounts of money every month...

But there's more than just money to HICAPS, Australia's best-known health claims and payments service.

When "approved" flashes on the screen of the terminal, it means that the person who provided the service you're paying for is registered with HICAPS. In turn, HICAPS will only register a provider if they got the OK by Medibank Private.

This health fund is somewhat of a gatekeeper in the health industry - and it has been very strict with registering massage therapists because the industry is rife with people with dubious or limited qualifications.

Today Medibank Prive will need proof that a therapist is qualified at least at Diploma level - and sometimes even that is not enough.

At our Centre we make it a policy of only having therapists with at least a Diploma of Remedial Massage - but several of our people have a wider range of qualifications. All our remedial massage therapists are registered with most health funds (with a few exceptions - check at the time of booking) although some funds have chosen not to work through HICAPS, and for them we'll have to give you a receipt for you to claim directly.

Go to the HICAPS site where you'll find an up-to-date list of health funds offering rebates through HICAPS.

So, when you get your rebate at the end of a massage with one of our therapists, enjoy the extra money - but also the confidence that comes from knowning your body has been in the hands of a fully qualified massage therapist.