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Time for rewards.
Our clinic

Here at the Balmain Massage & Wellness Centre we have some rather special clients, who've been with us for years - some of them since Day One.

So we thought - time for recognition.

In January 2015 we introduced a new program, "frequentlywell", to reward their loyalty.

It works pretty much like a frequent flyer program - only it's a bit more generous than average: if you have a massage once a month, you'll get one for free at the end of the year... and if you had one every week, you'd get a free massage every 3 months (actually a bit more frequently).

You earn point for every dollar you spend with us, but also for referring friends (make sure they mention that it was you who referred them), for buying from our fabulous range of beauty products, for booking your next massage online...

As our client, you are automatically enrolled in the program - it costs nothing and you can track its progress online through our booking system...

We all thought it was preferable to reward our existing clients rather than look for new ones with Groupon-style promotions, which may bring you a host of new people for a day, for them to all but disappear when the rock-bottom rate is no longer available.

The fine print

You can earn frequentlywell reward points for purchasing any product or service unless specifically excluded (no exclusions as of February 2015), for registering and booking appointments online and for referring friends - just make sure they tell us it was you who referred them.

Once you accrue a minimum level of points (as of February 2015 this threshold is a number of points equivalent to $50), you can pay for products and/or services by using your points in part or full payment.

Your points don't expire for two years - they can keep piling up for months until you're ready to use them.

Points cannot be transferred (but you can use your points to pay for someone else's sessions) nor can they be redeemed for cash.

The management reserves the right to make changes without notice to the frequentlywell program.