open 7 days
10-7 weekdays, 8-30-7 weekends

Our nannies can save you.

Mums love their children - of course. Even when they play drums with spoon and bowl and the soup flies everywhere. Even when they decide your martini is the right place for the car keys. When they get in the way of Mum's life in a thousand ways.

We can't put the soup back in the bowl but we can give every Mum an hour of peace.

We have a nanny. Two, actually.

We have had a nanny service now for more than two years, and dozens of Mums (and the odd Dad) have taken advantage of this unique opportunity for real relaxation. Now our nanny service is available on most days, 10AM to 4PM, with Amylea and Zoe available on different days, and Blanca ready to step in.

The additional cost is still only $5 per child per hour - minimum charge $5.

Call or email us to book your precious moment of peace, and make sure you tell us you need the nanny service for the duration of your treatment.