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Love your body.
Your skin doesn't end at the neck!

That's right, the body's largest organ does not end with your face! Of course we all know our skin covers our entire bodies, but most of the attention is generally devoted to our faces.

Body scrubs and wraps are different treatments. Most often, a body wrap will start with a scrub - try our wonderful sea salt scrub - and will continue with a wrap. A scrub is a treatment in itself.

Typically, it'll last between 45 and 60 minutes, and will exfoliate your entire body while at the same time detoxifying and toning it with lemongrass, grapefruit, lime and pepper-mint essential oils. Tired muscles are relaxed, puffiness and fluid retention is reduced while soya and waxes moisturise for silky soft skin.

The body is then wiped with warm towels (no shower to wash away all the benefits please!), and you may leave it at that - or proceed with a body wrap.

Whatever you choose, this will be a treatment to remember. Guaranteed.

There's one more reason to get a scrub right now: when you get a treatment, we use products from our new skincare range. They're good for the Earth and terrific for your skin!